Ashram’s assets were a mere two thatched huts in the year 2003 and from that year on words the progress has been steady and many fold and multi-dimensional, as was foretold by BABAJI. Nearly Rs. 7 crores worth of assets in land buildings and temples have come into the fold of the ashram. All this was possible only through the generous donations and contributions from Babaji’s devotees and good intentioned people that have come in contact with the ashram on one hand and the untiring efforts and planning of Sri Jagga Babu the managing trustee of the Ashram, on the other hand. Under the able leadership of Sri. Jagga babu the Ashram is inching towards realizing the stupendous tasks set by Babaji. Thus far the Ashram has got 186 cows all donated by several devotees of Babaji. The ashram has constructed two pucca cattle sheds of 33ftx66ft each, at a cost of four lakh ruppees. Each of these sheds can accommodate 35 cattle each The final strength of the cattle, in the Gosala, is going to be around one thousand and the cost of sheds alone, to accommodate these, is going to be rupees 150 lakhs. The cost of maintaining the present 186 cattle is working out to be rupees three lakhs per month.

The Ashram has spent nearly rupees 4 crores on civil works that include 1. Samadhi mandir, 2. Kalyan mandapam, 3. Eight rooms to accommodate visiting devotees and also offices of the ashram. 4. Nearly 65 acres of land donated by devotees and purchased by the Ashram at different places 5. Temple complex under construction 6. A shed to house an Elephant, under construction 7. Ten rooms accommodation under construction 8. Four suite accommodation under construction at Goshala site for visiting devotees and 9. Two small temples under construction at Goshala site.

The expenses on daily poojas at the Samadhi is about Rs. 60,000 per month. The honorarium paid to volunteers(Sevaks) is about Rs. 2,00,000 per month. The cost of serving food on Monday is about Rs. 10,000 /– per day on an average and it is Rs. 4000 /– per day for rest of the six days of the week. This does not include the expenses on special functions, the cost of maintenance and the cost of establishment.

The only source of income for worship, maintenance, Annadana and construction work is, donations from devotees,their friends and their acquaintances. After several deliberations the management has decided to request and appeal to all for donations and framed the following guidelines.

All the donations to the Ashram are exempt from income tax under 80G of income tax Act. For all the donations to the Ashram original/genuine receipts will be given.

Dear viewer of this website your contribution to the cause of the Ashram will go a long way in helping the Ashram, in enhancing your prosperity and providing internal peace and tranquility and would also bring you and your loved ones, blessing of Babaji.

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