Surrounding the main temple 108 sthupas are coming up each accommodating:

i) One crore written ‘Rama Namam’ (written by devotees)

Ii). One Guru Nama inscribed one each sthupa

Iii). A Nanda deepa that is kept alight 24hrs of the day

Iv). A Thulasi plant

v). A Miltch cow

vi). A Bilwa Plant and

vii). A Statue of Sri Panduranga

Through this, unique structured Sthupas, at a single site a devotee gets an opportunity to do Pradakshana of 108 crore Rama Nama, 108 Gurunama, 108 Nanda deepa, 108 Thulasi plants, 108 Miltch cow, 108 Bilwa plants and 108 Sthupas of Sri. Panduranga and that too at onego in a single round, once the complex gets ready.