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Sadguru Sri Chittibabaji Samsthanam of Sriramanagaram in the Seethanagaram Mandal of East Godavari district Andhra Pradesh has mooted a Ratha Yatra, christened Suvarnaprabhasottama Dharamasanchaaram.

The Ratha Yatra is to start immediately in days following Ugadi, the Telugu New Year. The divine procession would have a specially built chariot flanked by two spotless white horses while the chariot itself would carry a picture of Lord Shri Rama snapping an arrow. The Panchaloha Idol of Sadguru Sri Chittibabaji that is to be consecrated in the temple under construction would be the presiding deity. The convoy would have One Hundred and Eight cloth casketed scrolls of Lord Rama with one hundred and eight billion such divine Ramanamam divine names filled in by devotees.

The Ratha Yatra would be divined by the chanting of Vedic hymns by 16 ritwiks, four each from the four Vedas. The Yatra would proceed through 22 districts of Andhra Pradesh covering at least 3 Mandal in each district completing around 10,000 Kilometers in 8 to12 months. The principle aim of the Ratha Yatra is to spread divine consciousness which in turn would establish Sanatana Dharma. The Samsthanam through its social-service wing Parameswara Seva Samithi (PSS) is already involved in various project meant to alleviate the living conditions of people living in the Seethanagaram Mandal. It has already adopted the Mandal from the District administration under the aegis of the District Collectarate to implement a wide-reaching sanitation program along with several smaller initiatives to raise consciousness on environmental protection. Several hundred acres of land are being cultivated through natural farming yielding rice, fruit and vegetables that are being sold through retail lines called Sahaja in several major cities and towns in Andhra Pradesh. PSS also has pressed into service Kavacham an emergency medical aid program that involves a round-the-clock-call-in- with a fully equipped ambulance services plying through the Mandal. The Samsthanam moots several more such programs through the PSS. Sharing and safeguarding the quality of life through well-grounded social activities is a concept that is no lesser degree of spiritual attainment. The Suvarnaprabhasottama Dharamasanchaaram is huge stride to achieve such goal on a much wider scale.

The estimated cost of the Dharamasanchaaram is more than 2 Crore Indian Rupees. We have reached a deliberated consensus to publish the names of donors and amount credited along with the effect they would like to use the monies towards. This move would commendably scrap misuse or rerouting your benevolence. We humbly solicit donations and munificence from the kindred.

All the donations to the Ashram are exempt from income tax under 80G of income tax Act. For all the donations to the Ashram original/genuine receipts will be given.

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Sadguru Sri Chittibabaji

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