The greatest revelation of mankind has been to those who have discovered themselves to be part of nature. A realisation that leads one towards the mysterious unknown and the unobvious.

What is it? How does one get to know it? Fact remains that we can only infer and speculate. We remain, the clueless. Wanderers, stuck to the notion of a path. But truth it seems is a pathless land. All those who are part of the supreme revelation in all ages, times and conditions are the mystics. Chittibaba was a mystic. This is about him.

The Temple

First part of the temple complex is Babaji’s Samadhi mandir itself, with a big hall and a Kalyan mandapam in front of it.


The Sthupas

Surrounding the main temple 108 sthupas are coming up each accommodating 7 unique features.



Is said to be one of the great services to humanity. Right from the day Babaji established his ashram in Ragolupalli of West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh till today Annadhanam takes place,three times a day.



Cow is not addressed ,in India, as a part of cattle heard. Cow is addressed as Gomata (mother cow) this is because of the respect and reverence it commands.



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