Cow is not addressed ,in India, as a part of cattle herd. Cow is addressed as Gomata (Mother Cow). This is because of the respect and reverence it commands. Cow is the symbol of motherhood and most important aspect of Hindu Religion. Cow is taken to be Kamadhenu the giver of all prosperity, and it is said that all the Gods and Goddesses of Hindu Spiritual philosophy reside in different limbs of a Cow, that is why Godana (giving a cow in charity) is said to be best amongst charitable acts. Greatest of the Incarnations, Sri. Krishna’s Incarnation is totally associated with the Cow. Lord Krishna and the Cow are two inseparable aspects of Hindu Mythology. The Lord himself was a cowherd. Most, Hindu mythological ceremonies contain Go puja. Any amount of write-up on Cow , can only be grossly inadequate. Such is the importance of Cow in a Hindu’s day to day life. And this is why Sri Sri Sri Chittibababji made Gosala an important aspect of the ashram. Currently there are 250 cows in the Gosala.