Jaggaraju or Babu as he is popularly known was the scion of a Kshatriya family in the village of Guntupalli in the West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. He was born with the royal title of Sri Veera Pratapa Korukonda Hum Jagga Raju, in February 1973 to a family who were then for a generation disciples to the mystic Chittibaba.

By his own admission Babu did not show any conventional signs of a great mystic as in the case of Chittibaba. Indeed, this has always been a characteristic trait that distinguishes him to be a very unlikely and unpredictable mystic. In early 1993 Jaggaraju in a jilted state consumed pesticide to end his life. He was barely 20 at the time. Shocked by the happening his parents left him with the care of Chittibaba for whom Jaggaraju did not have any particular affection.

Eventually, Jaggaraju came to realise that his new lease of life was a gift of the older mystic. Although terribly involved with worldly affairs Chittibaba observed a rare detachment in every thing that Jaggaraju did. Interestingly, it is this quality that Babu, after his revelation, still maintains as his simple yet profound wisdom. But the journey towards a spiritual revelation was neither something that Babu envisaged for himself nor was it easy. Immediately, after he recovered from the suicide bid Jaggaraju was now certain that Chittibaba was not what he appeared to be. Keen on the other hand to start his life afresh Jaggaraju was trying his hand in several commercial endeavours but by then he had sub-consciously lost all interest in worldly life.

Sometime in 1996, Jaggaraju promised Chittibaba that he would take charge of the abode after his Attainment. When Chittibaba left his earthly body Jaggaraju was exactly 25 and gradually he found succour and purpose along with the spiritual revelation. Most people strongly believe that Babu is no else but Chittibaba himself in Jaggaraju’s body. Since 1997, has been striving to complete that tasks Chittibabu as his chosen successor. A decade since, a vast portion of what was ventured has been successfully fulfilled. For several years now Babu has been saying that he would very soon leave the present Sri Nama Pandari Kshetram along with other establishments that he has set up and leave the abode to probably live as a recluse in some other place. The other place is itself is a matter of question. Babu’s native place Guntupalli is one of the most ancient and revered places in the history of South India. Guntupalli or Mahanaga Pavvata as it was called by the Buddhists is one of the largest South Indian Buddhist monasteries with a history of more than 2000 years. Established sometime in the 3rd century BC Mahanaga Pavvata in its heydays was occupied by more than a thousand Buddhist monks throughout the year. Among its most famous occupants was Dinnaga or Dignaga, one of the greatest logicians the world ever produced. Babu claims a great shared spiritual heritage with the Buddhists in general and the revered monks of the Mahanaga Pavvata in particular. It is likely that Babu might spend the remaining on the Mahanaga Pavvata, about which he has not yet given any indication.